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After going away for the weekend, Nate had requested I make corned beef. Something delicious to have on hand for sandwiches.

Shelley (whom we went to visit over the weekend) made her corned beef in the slow cooker. Since we are without a lot of small appliances, I had to figure out another process.

The oven was out because I'm getting used to it an wouldn't risk a $10 piece of meat in there. Pressure cooker it was. Found a basic recipes on and went from there.

Pressure Cooker Corned Beef inspired by
  • Corned beef, any size you want
  • Garlic, at minimum two cloves, crushed
  • Bay leaves, at minimum two
  • Brown sugar, at minimum two tablespoons 
1. Add all ingredients in your pressure cooker
2. Add water to just cover the beef, lock in your lid
3. Turn stove on medium-high, once the indicator for pressure has popped up, turn to medium-low
4. Let cook for 1 hour
5. Take off the stove, let cool on it's own

Jen's Notes:
  • Sorry I don't know all the pressure cooker "lingo"
  • If you need a pressure cooker guide, I found this video to be helpful
  • For the original recipe, click here.
 Should look something like this:

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