halloween. boo.

Happy Halloween!! I've been told Halloween isn't big in Australia...hopefully I can change their minds. Or at least our neighbours...or I've successfully made them think I'm nuts. #CrazyAmericanlivesinourhood

I was on a limited budget (thanks, Nate) so I set up priorities on what I was going to buy. Candy was first, that was half the budget. Even if my decorations sucked we would be known as the house that gave the most candy. I followed up with fake spider webs, glitter painted skeleton hands, and signs. You're suppose to have signs if you're "Halloween friendly". I wanted to be sure the kids knew we were so I doubled up on those.

I should have bought booze for the parents of trick or treaters. Overheard (or read) on Twitter, one lady always takes her kids to some house in her neighbourhood because they ALWAYS have booze for the parents. This can be my additional layer next year.

Hopefully we have some kids show up. If not, Nate and I will be having candy for dessert for the next 4 months.

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