happy. 2014.

Wait..wasn't it just July? I won't be the first to say it - this year has flown by! I feel like it's been spinning, spinning, spinning and now it's gone. Completely good with these types of spins because so much happened in 2013 to have made it an awesome year.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who was able to come visit us this year! We've enjoyed having all of you as house guests, we hope you loved Adelaide as much as we do (or if not, we got you drunk enough to think you did).

Big CONGRATS to all our friends who have gotten engaged, married, and grew their families this year. Even though we're not there in person, we love that we can still connect over texts, Skype, FaceTime, Instagram, Facebook.

Again, 2013 was awesome but I know 2014 is ready to bring it. Stay tuned for more adventures, food, drinks and anything else that makes its way across the blog (hopefully. We all know this whole 'blogging on the go' thing is still trying to work it's way into our lives).

Happy New Year!

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