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Besides wine, the beach and Fringe...there are a ton of outdoor activities available in Adelaide. One of our favourite is Moonlight Cinemas at the Botanic Gardens that happens during summer. It's the perfect date night or family night to end your week with. Some of the perks of the Moonlight Cinemas: bring your own food, bring your own drinks (including alcohol), enjoy some fresh air and on occasion, you could see a shooting star.

Nate and I had an impromptu date night on Saturday - packed a picnic basket with chicken, quinoa salad, cheese, fruit, chocolates and wine and off we went to see Saving Mr. Banks. Friday was kind of a gray day (reminded both of us of Seattle) with rain on and off so we weren't sure if Saturday was going to be a repeat. Lucky for us, sunshine all around and the perfect night to head to the Botanic Gardens.

The movie itself was good, not the family film we thought it was going to be. This time around, we went for the experience of the Moonlight Cinema not because of the movie that was playing. If you're a fan of Mary Poppins, be sure you check out the movie. A fun side note: The author of Mary Poppins grew up in Australia!

If you have yet to check out Moonlight Cinemas, be sure you do before they are done for the season. There are still a lot of great movies to see.

If you don't have an outdoor cinema near you, create your own! Something my dad used to do for us as a kid. Project a movie on a white sheet or move a TV outside, make your own candy bar, have mini sandwiches to munch on and open your favourite bottle of wine.

If it's too cold right now to even fathom the idea of going outside, add it to your list to do as soon as warms up.

A couple helpful links:

Oh, and don't forget your blankets and bug spray.

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