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Have you heard of it? The insanely colorful 5K aka happiest 5K on the planet...The Color Run! I remember the first time I saw this nutty event was from a video on Below is one of their videos (couldn't find the one from How do you watch this and not think - yes, I want to do that. EMERGENCY! How do I sign up?!

The Color Run was new to Adelaide this year and I was pretty stoked to sign up. While Nate had a few the end it was a blast. Basically this is how the event is set up - you show up with your white shirt (crazy outfits optional), waves of people are let loose on a 5k. At each k, you're met with a blast of color - orange, blue, pink, yellow, and finally a shower of almost every color you can think of. It's amazing. No need to be an athlete, it's uber fun for kids (be sure they have swim googles to rock to protect their eyes), and you should really opt in for the crazy outfits. Don't forget to bring towels and an extra change of clothes for your car ride home.

It wasn't very hard to convince Nate to sign up for next year. My outfit is already picked out - white shirt, white tutu, white's going to be awesome. Next I even try to convince him to where the same thing? Stay tuned to find out.

More info on The Color Run:

There were over 10,000 people at the Adelaide Color Run.

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