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I came across this helpful article this morning (thanks,!). For those who are looking to revamp their salad greens, here are some great tips.

Look For: Long, bright-green leaves on a thin stem.
Bite and Flavor: Tender bite, but with a spicy kick.
Try It: Arugula's peppery taste nicely complements a mild fish dish, or you can mix it with other greens to amp up the flavor of a salad.
Health Perks: The calcium in its leaves promotes stronger bones, with the added benefits of folate, magnesium and vitamins A, C and K.

Look For: Small, loose head with wide leaves that look like big flower petals.
Bite and Flavor: Delicate leaves with a hint of sweetness.
Try It: Grilled asparagus, shaved Parmesan cheese and butterhead lettuce = sublime.
Health Perks: Low in fat and high in calcium, butterhead has an abundance of vitamins A and K.

Look For: Large, compact heads of palegreen leaves.
Bite and Flavor: Somewhat pale green leaves with an extremely mild flavor.
Try It: For the ultimate supperclub classic, drizzle an ice-cold wedge with homemade ranch dressing, crumbled blue cheese, chopped tomatoes and cooked bacon. 
Health Perks: Although lower in most vitamins and minerals than other greens, iceberg remains a good source of fiber and iron.

Look For: Red or green curly-edged leaves loosely gathered around a stem.
Bite and Flavor: Crisp, with a subtle nutty flavor.
Try It: Ditch the tortilla and use this lettuce instead to contain a pile of ingredients in a wrap.
Health Perks: The beta-carotene in leaf lettuce is good for your skin. Plus it contains a bundle of vitamins A, C and K.

Look For: Satiny magenta leaves with white ribs on small round heads.
Bite and Flavor: Very crisp and pleasantly bitter.
Try It: Grill it or eat raw with toasted hazelnuts and feta. The hardy leaves also make a great edible plate or bowl.
Health Perks: Often a base for hors d'oeuvres, radicchio is a dieter's dream, with no fat and no cholesterol.

Look For: Large green outer leaves on a long cylindrical head.
Bite and Flavor: A crunchy and sublime crowd-pleaser.
Try It: Toss it with bite-sized cooked chicken and a creamy dressing.
Health Perks: This low-calorie favorite is full of vitamin A.

Look For: Flat, rounded dark-green leaves with a thin stem.
Bite and Flavor: Soft bite with a mild, goes-with-anything taste.
Try It: Add berries, toasted nuts and a favorite cheese or simply pile it on a sandwich.
Health Perks: Spinach builds strong bones and better eyesight and boasts lots of fiber, along with an impressive list of nutrients.

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