food. latkas.

*Update: (minutes after I made these) I sent a photo to Nate...he's response: "hashbrowns?". My response: "basically." But you should still try them, because they are good.

No, we're not Jewish but I figured Hanukkah was a good time to try making some latkas. They always look so good when I see photos of them. I've never actually had one, so when I say "mine were good" they could actually be crap.

I mashed up a couple recipes so I don't really have a "recipe" for you. Just mix grated potatoes, and egg, onion, salt, an a bit of flour in a bowl. Turn on your stove, add olive oil and scoop out the mixture. Turn at about 5 minutes, add more oil.

I've figured out oil is the key. Lots of oil will give you Instagram-worthy photos.